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Name: Traci
Age: 15
Height: 5'3 i think
Location: michigan

Favorites: look at my user info.

Bands: the postal service :: nirvana :: green day :: the offspring :: guns n roses :: jimmy eat world :: linkin park  :: zebrahead:: :: modest mouse :: my chemical romance :: red hot chili peppers :: sugurcult :: system of a down :: the matches :: taking back sunday :: unwritten law :: the used :: the killers :: coldplay ::sum 41:: transplants:: fall out boys::  
TV Shows: date my raiders...american idol, survivor, i dunno
Movies: the notebook
Hero and why: i dont have one

Promotion Links: huh???????

Pictures: (if possible) look in my user info..

This or That: that

1. coke or pepsi: coke
2. winter or summer: summer
3. spring or fall: spring
4. christmas or halloween: both
5. MSU or U of M: i dont care
6. ocean or lake: ocean
7. sunrise or sunset: both
8. day or night: night
9. blue or pink: pink
10. football or basketball: they are both hott for me i like basketball

Random Questions:

1. Is your refrigerator running: i think...hahah

2. Do you like to use your eyes: what....sure

3. Do you know any guys who sleep in trees: naw

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