passthejuice (passthejuice) wrote in guys_in_trees,

my summer is going ok it can be boring at times. I go off to camp in like two weeks for two weeks lol! I am actually really nerves cause I am in a cabin where everyone is older then me. So that will be different I am like always the oldest one in the cabin. Yea but it should be fun. Then when I get home from camp I will probally be spend a lot of time down in kentucky! I hope I need to get away from Michigan. more sun and I can sit out and tan cause I am sooooooo pail. Well I guess that is all I have to say!

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hey im going to kentucky too.
whoever you are..
yeah nicole your not the only person that ever goes to kentucky.....i think i might be going to

WOW we should start i club or something
im gonna miss you!